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The Rollei Years

 When my Dad passed away in 1965 I inheirited his nearly new Rollei 3.5F. I used it more and more as the years went by and then in the 70's I moved into 4x5 and it fell out of use, but always got to go on trips with me. As the photo-years moved by, I got a Hasselblad, finally and loved it and finally gave it away to a young friend who needed such a camera for school work. Well, just about a year ago I became interested again in the Rolleiflex. Now I have begun a collection and have 21. My Dad's 3.5F is held by Spike, my son I figured most llikely to some day use it. I hope some day he will.

As time and tides permit, I will add Rollei photos here for you to see. They have teir own special look, as you shall see.