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William H. Logan

Bill is a retired U. S. Navy Officer who has worked in computers and related technology for many years. Now, fully retired to the photography business, he devotes nearly all his time to photographic purposes. Bill's primary love is large negative photography and arthritis now dictates that he work in medium format. Bill teaches workshops from his home darkroom.

 Please visit Bill's or Susan's Galleries or Special Projects to see more of their images.

Susan G. Logan

Susan became passionate about the art form of photography 25 years ago while a nurse taking public relations photographs for the hospital. Her fascination grew as she picked up tips on techniques from observing the local newspaper's darkroom and soon she had her own photo lab. Now she is devoted full time to the production and improvement of her chosen craft with which she wishes to express her love and awe of the world around her.

For her Black and White work, Susan  uses a digital camera.

The image above was made in the White Mountains of California at an altitude of over 11,000 ft. The image is of a Bristlecone Pine, the oldest living thing on earth.