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The Trip West

May 2010

The Logan Five

I decided somewhere in January of 2010 that I wanted to see Monument Valley in Arizona. So I began the planning process of getting  permission to do so. It took a while. It was clear Susan was not going to let me go alone. I asked Kris if he was willing to go along. Of course, he was. So we provided him with a ticket to North Carolina back and forth from Los Angeles. Spike found out  and asked if he could ride along to Arizona and fly back from Flagstaff. Sure, why not? Then Kimberly found out and wanted to fly to Flagstaff and ride along for a few days and then fly back to Miami. Of course, she could.


Kimo then found out and decided to fly to Dallas, go to Mineola and wait for us to pick him up on the way to Arizona. No problemo. All four kids together! does not happen often. Grab it every time I can. So, Spike came to Hendersonville and Kris, Spike and I drove one Tuesday late in April to Dallas and picked up Kimo and headed to Amarillo. Of course, we had to stop at the the Big Texan and have steaks. They were great. And then on to Flagstaff and pick up Kimberly on Saturday. We made it on time and were all together. Strangely it was cold and snowing in Flagstaff. We went to some places around Flagstaff that were interesting and very cold. The next day we went to the Grand Canyon where it was really snowing, windy and cold, but beautiful.


The next day we went to Page Arizona went to Upper Antelope Canyon, by far the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It was an all day trip for one hour or a little more in the Canyon. Well worth the effort. Spike and Kimo had to literally carry me into and out of the Canyon. Next day, Tuesday, Spike had to fly back to Norfolk.


On Wednesday we were on our way to Canyon de Chelly when late in the day the transmission in the Ford van went away. We limped into Gallup New Mexico  to find a repair place the next day and rent a car if necessary; it was. And a wheel chair. The next day, Kimo had to get a bus to Phoenix a get a plane to Vienna. So, we went back to Flagstaff and thence to Sedonna. South of Sedonna are some beautiful buttes and cliffs.


We put Kimo on the bus, sadly, and departed for Monument Vallley. Arrived late in the day, when the light was very nice. Photographed a while and got a nice cabin at Goulding's Lodge and  had a wonderful dinner and slept late. Got up late again and had a super breakfast and hit the 17 mile loop in Monument Valley, in the rented car. Kris described the road more as a series of tank traps than  as a road. He was right. It was sheer Hell. But the scenes were worth it. Took all day. Late in the day we started back to Flagstaff to put Kimberly on a plane on Saturday to go back to Miami.


After Kris took Kimberly to the A'port we took off for Mesa Verde, stopping at Shiprock along he way. It took a while. Ate at a poor restaurant in Cortez, Colorado, the entrance to Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde is not to be missed. One full day in Mesa Verde. A short stop at Canyon de Chelly where there were no suitable accomodations and off  to Gallup to collect the Ford Van, assuming it was ready. Wasn't that day, but was the next. After fetching the van, delivering the wheel chair, which I really learned to despise, and transferring all the gear in a howling gale. Kris and I Then departed for Big Bend, Texas and home.


Big Bend was fascinating. Nothing there is less than 25 miles from anything else. It is vast. Interesting but VAST. We spent a fine day there and departed for Houston to see my sister, Ann. Thence to Layfayette, Louisana to see my step son Kevin and finally  to home. Three weeks one day; 6830 miles and one fine trip. 12 rolls of 120 film of 20 or 24 exposures each. Took 4 weeks to develop(part time). Here they are. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed working on them.


The images you are about to see are not necesarily in the order in which they were taken nor in the order or the trip. They are in no particular order, though they will all be in one place order; i.e. Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and so on.

I do hope you will enjoy them. They were all made on film and medium format type cameras. In particular, the cameras are  Hasselblad, Pentax 6x7, Bronica GS-1, and Rolleiflex SL-66.

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